Here comes the sun

There is a newish condo building downtown. Very high end. The ground floor isn’t, that is to say, the building really starts one floor up and the floor at the same level as the street is windowless and contains lockers, parking, or something to be hidden behind large concrete planters that are higher than a human is tall. A bit like the Maginot Line.

The high planters have rows of dense shrubs planted along their bases. Rows of identical shrubs, not for the enjoyment of passing pedestrians but designed to be seen at a glance from speeding cars when only a large mass planting can be glimpsed and there is no time for details.

And in the midst of this landscaped space, there is a strange sign of civilization. Someone has been tramping down the shrubs a bit to sit on a low bit of wall that faces south. Oh, the warmth of the sun shining on a human amidst the concrete highrises. One little bit of unorganized, unplanned-for non-conformity. Life in the City.