For several years now property managers, researchers, and environmentalists have been struggling to develop workable green walls. Most of the ones I have seen pictures of or visited have been of the “ragged” or bushy style, with the vertical plant walls containing a variety of plants densely packed into the vertical frame.

The photo above is the new plant wall in Minto Place. You can see the east wall of the Minto Place Hotel through the skylight above. This greenwall is much more formal than any I have seen before. Philodendrium type plants predominate. I could not identify any blooming plants (eg orchids) or spider plants or asperagus ferns here; these are common in other walls.

I look forward to revisiting this plantwall in the coming months and years to see how it grows and how formal Minto manges to keep it.

3 thoughts on “Greenwalled

  1. Does anyone have any idea who installed this green wall and what system they use? We wanted to do one in our home as a sort of art installation, but were told by the only Ottawa installer that I could find online that the system is not working well and the company that makes the system (like the one at Bridgehead in Ottawa South)has gone into receivership.

  2. The Minto Green Wall is a Pro Wall from GSky Plant Systems, Inc. in Vancouver, B.C. The company is thriving – not in receivership. The 512-square-foot Pro Wall was designed by GSky Design Manager Debbie Kotalic and features the following plants:

    Scindapsus Pictus – Goldev Pothos
    Peporomia Obtusifiolia – Green Peporomia
    Scindapsus ‘Neon’ Pothos
    Scindapsis ‘Silver’ or ‘Satin’ Pothos

    For more information go to and

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