Get paid to ride your bike …



I met this cyclist on a pedestrian bridge in Utah. At first what caught my eye  was the number of instruments on his handlebars. Getting closer, the abundance of gear became more visible. Why so many cellphones?


Turns out he worked for AT&T. His job was to cycle through the city according to a map, stopping every 100′ to take readings as to cell phone signal strength. Was the download speed what was promised and what customers’ expected?


In the back panier was a battery and stuff to power his phones. It had enough power to keep him (stopped) on the road all day.

He didn’t get much cycling in with all those frequent stops.

But it could have been worse: what if they had equipped him with a Kmart grocery cart of stuff?

One thought on “Get paid to ride your bike …

  1. As the late, great Frank Barone was wont to say, “Holy crap!” I’ll have to contact those guys, once the snow melts.

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