Funding Municipal Politicians

In the Citizen today: Cullen is preparing a “motion asking the provincial government to give the city the power to ban all corporate and union donations to municipal election campaigns, and it’s bound to be controversial. Cullen, and some other left-leaning councillors, already choose to reject donations from these groups, but other city politicians accept them.”

It will be interesting to see the wording of this motion. Back in my civil service days, I was a union steward for about 7 years. Marion Dewar was running for office, and the union called all its reps out “on union business” for one day, which means we would be paid our regular CS wages by the taxpayer. The purpose of the union business? To go campaigning for Marion Dewar.

I didn’t go.

Will Cullen’s motion ban canvasing, donated materials (eg printing) or donated services (eg graphic services)?