Bellagio Fountains on Preston Street

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On Monday, around 1pm, residents near the Primrose / Preston intersection were treated to a fine preview of the new fountains proposed for Preston Street. Shooting 20m into the air, the Bellagio-inspired waterworks show was a crowd pleaser.
Later, smaller fountains displays were demonstrated, but I thought they looked a bit too much like the fountains previously removed from the Sparks Street Mall. Luigi was ecstatic though, claiming through his freshly-washed face that Preston Street businesses deserved fountains on the street and not just in select basements.
I have it on authoritative rumour that Joe Contronio of Pub Italia is arranging for the fountain in front of his patio to spout regular BEER on St Anthony’s Day and Bud Lime on St Patrick’s Day.
I have heard no arrangements to keep minors out of the fountains.