For the Numerate

WordPress kindly supplies some data on how many times WestSideAction gets read. For 2015, it was 91,000 times. I posted articles for 10 months of the year, skipping October and November due to other events in my life.

The busiest days were the ones about the potential senators ice rink on the flats.

Since I started writing this blog bout 7 years ago, there have been 2000 articles and about 400,000 views in total.

I have no idea if the blog is useful, who actually reads it, or what people prefer to read about other than real estate porn and the senators arena, both of which get high readership.

I intend to gradually shift away from very local complaints (like the inability to clear the sidewalks after a snow fall, or the city’s favorite amenity for pedestrians — puddles at every corner — towards some more benchmarking with other cities, seeing what they do better.  It is more satisfying to write these as they are positive stories. There is a huge lot of those in the archives, but I haven’t a clue how to make those organized or accessible.

Unlike stories one hears of bloggers getting rich, this one earns no money at all, and is a financial drain as it is too large and gets too many hits to remain on any free sites. Jim Watson hasn’t yet come around offering me a city subsidy or grant, either. At our last encounter, I got a frown when he realized who I was. Fortunately no one gives out lumps of coal any more.

Later this week, we’ll be looking at another mid rise building festooned with trees on the outside. It’s a more fun building than the Bosco Verticale, and even less likely to be recreated here.

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “For the Numerate

  1. True, with the magic of software everyone can be a columnist in a specialized and personal magazine, but writing a blog can feel like writing in a vacuum. I enjoy your columns for the analytical focus on design and quality – locally and globally. Congratulations on producing an interesting product! ( But yes the business model conversation is an essay unto itself.) You are paying attention to details and have something informed to say about them — if only all civic conversations could be as thorough! 🙂

  2. I don’t check in quite as regularly as I used to, but anytime you want to stir the local pot I’m good for a kudo. Mayor Jimboy needs a good swift kick up the wazoo if you ask me!

    1. checking in … hm, if you fill in your email on the right side of the page “subscribe” then every story is automatically sent to you as it is published. thanks for reading.

  3. I love your blog! This is my third time living in Ottawa and each time I come back I am sometimes pleased or disturbed by what’s happened to the city (or at least the central areas I have lived in!). Both my husband and I studied urban geography and have discussed many of the issues you’ve raised on our walks around town. I hope that you don’t get discouraged because what you bring to the conversation about making Ottawa a better place to live is invaluable.

    Do you ever give walking tours?

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