Flex Use of a separated cycle track


So here’s a pic of the new O’Connor cycling track, separated from traffic in many places by curbs and flex posts.

This car driver obviously took to heart our city’s focus on flexible use of space, and parked his car on the centre of the bike lane.

I was out scouting the new bike lane/track last week, having heard from others that it is quite neat.

Alas, it is not yet officially open, there are bits of yellow crime scene tape blocking the path here and there.

But not everywhere:


4 thoughts on “Flex Use of a separated cycle track

    1. You expect the police to do their job, what are you on crack or something, they are like the government they do nothing good except assaulting citizens ,harassing the innocent driving fear in people and not doing nothing when they should. If that sounds about right give me a thumbs up.

      1. Not a chance for a thumbs up, Marcel! Quite the opposite in fact. Your premise is faulty at best and your writing skills leave much to be desired.

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