Farmer Doug arrives at City Centre

Farmer Doug will be selling  vegetables at the north east corner of the City Centre parking lot on Saturdays this summer and fall. He will be there the last Saturday in June (27th) (that’s THIS weekend) until the last Sat in October.

He plans to operate from 10 am to 4 pm.

He uses no pesticides, not even ‘organically approved’ ones. He’s focused entirely on a healthy soil food web (minimum tillage, maximum compost, etc) and on a landscape that supports diversity. Thus far, the local stores that sell his produce have been pleased with the quality.

Doug says:  “I price to compete with ‘conventionally’ grown produce. I’m not going to ask the high price associated with the ‘Organic’ designation. If my price is ever slightly higher than the grocery store, it will be to account for freshness. Freshness (as well as a vibrant soil biosphere – the soil food web) means greater nutrient density. And more taste.”

The lettuce, especially, is chilled with cold well water and kept cold with ice.

To offset the CO2 the trip to Ottawa generates he’s planted nearly one hundred trees in the past two years (red and white pines and maples). He’ll be planting more trees this fall (Black Locust) and again in years to come.