Early MUP is a great MUP



The City has done it again. Delivered a multi use path not on time, but EARLY.

In this case, it is the the pathway on the north side of Albert, running from Bayview Station to Bronson Avenue on the edge of downtown.

This MUP is wonderful: well removed and slightly elevated above adjacent car traffic, it has longish-stretches without intersections, and is continuous pavement, unlike the pot-holed, cracked, and patched take-your-life-in-your-hands Albert Street adjacent. It drains, rather than puddles.

It has been torn up in multi-block sections due to the rebuilding of Albert and its associated sewers and pipes. It wasn’t due to be open again to cyclists til later this summer. Yet here it is, opened up earlier this week to whisk users by the construction site all around.

You may recall the MUP from Preston Street to City Centre Avenue was rebuilt in record time last fall.

Is this becoming a habit?

Maybe there is something in this P3 method of doing big projects …

Should I return my library books to the new central downtown location already?

One thought on “Early MUP is a great MUP

  1. My favourite feature is the fact that it runs BEHIND the bus stops now, so you don’t have to look out for people coming out of the shelters.

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