Some days on the west side of town are just peachy.

Other days are a tad … dull.

Depressing, even.

Someone had enough time and energy to attack this Ginkgo tree in Plouffe Park:

Meanwhile, over on Albert Street, where a half-assed multi-user path runs along the north side of the road, these have appeared scattered all along the path:

Some of the posts are steel, like the one shown. Others are chunky 4×4 posts, all about 10′ high. I think the city buys one size of post, digs any depth hole, plants said post, then cuts it off at the desired height. [insert Rob Ford comment here…-ed].  The path is about to become regularized, and regulated. No doubt obvious instructions to users, and probably destined-forever-to-be-ignored “Get off and walk your bike” signs.

Meanwhile, along the same path, the local community association has been lobbying for three years to get no parking signs put up along the grassy strip, to discourage concert goers from parking there. No way, says the City, those signs are too expensive. Instead they put up temporary paper signs during Bluesfest. With Countryfest coming this weekend, I expect we see another invasion of the lawn-parkers. I should put 3-1-1 on speed dial.

But not all is bad, or discouraging. Despite the City’s best efforts to kill off the trees and shrubs along Preston by denying them water, God has intervened: it rained.


5 thoughts on “Dullsville

  1. I don’t think so Charles. Porcupine, beaver, sometimes groundhog, will strip bark but I don’t see any teeth marks here. I suspect the two-legged varmint. It’s a shame that others destroy nice things that are meant to beautify.

  2. I saw the tree at Plouffe and almost emailed you a picture.
    I think it was kids.
    There are lots of formal and informal day camps at the park over the summer, and many of the surrounding community centres come to the park to play before they swim.
    To me that is all great. Its too bad no one thought to wrap these new trees in burlap…

  3. About the 2nd half of the post,
    Eric don’t forget that the city also spent money to rent, set up and then take down metal construction fences to keep Bluesfest goers from parking in that little triangle of space at the corner of Booth and Albert (I think this was part of the Old Wellington Street) .
    OC Transpo also spent a bunch of money renting the equipment for their legal crossing of the transit way above the bottom of Preston.

  4. Speaking of signposts, how quickly will the city move to harvest the scrap metal of discontinued bus-stop flags, and also thereby squelch crazy suggestions of re-instituting service in September 2012?

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