5 thoughts on “The crosswalk puddle grind

  1. Eric, was there any indication of whether there will be a catch basin on the south side of Tunis also; where the big puddle is in your first picture? From your pictures, it looks as if they are simply resetting the existing catch basin on the north side.

  2. I doubt they are going to work on the south-east corner Richard – at least not now. The one pictured in this post (north-west) is part of the resurfacing work for Tunis.

  3. Just received this note from my councillor’s office to whom I had shared Eric’s original blog post: “Thank you for your email. I have been looking into this issue with City engineers. My understanding is that any road drainage issues on the northwest corner of the intersection will be addressed through the upcoming road overlay work on Tunis Avenue. As for the southwest corner, I understand from City staff that the drainage will be reviewed and addressed as part of next year’s planned Fisher Ave. overlay work, and be corrected then as required.”

  4. I think your posts are having an impact. I biked thru Queen/Lyon on Monday (At Lyon Station). The north half of the intersection is complete with new pavers, etc. and the corners are SUPER HIGH. Like, significantly drained. Way to go!

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