Behind the Siding

I am not a great fan of aluminum or plastic siding. Who knows what sins are hidden behind the smooth facade, what is rotting the soul of a building?
I do like metal siding in some applications, usually when it is designed into a building from the beginning. And I like corrugated metal much better than the fake-board version.
At the corner of Primrose and Cambridge is a corner store with apartments above. Expand on the pictures to notice the addition that was built onto the orginal structure and that is now “separating” from the main structure. Notice too the evidence of original signage on the unpainted wood siding. And how the windows have been bastardized over the years with ever-cheaper and more inappropriate sizes and styles.

4 thoughts on “Behind the Siding

  1. No pretty indeed! It’s too bad they did such a poor job on the windows and the addition. I don’t understand why someone would reduce the size of windows like that…
    – Marie

  2. There’s a notice from the city on the front door to the effect that the addition has got to go. I can’t believe they’re actually trying to renovate that wreck of a building.

  3. I used to live across the street, and I would watch the people who lived above come and go. One guy seemed to always be visiting at the wrong time. Maybe the doorbells didn’t work, but for some reason he was always throwing stones at the window.

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