Acts of faith


Some neighbors got together to plant bulbs along Preston. The 200 daffodils and 200 tulips were bought by the Preston BIA and the buying/planting delegated to the Dalhousie Community Assoc.

The Somerset Chinatown BIA also bought bulbs to refresh the flower beds along Somerset near Empress. These will be planted in the next week or so.

About seven beds were planted along Preston Street. We chose areas with new, smaller shrubs where the soil would be easy to dig up. The bulbs should bloom before the shrubs leaf out. We don’t know if the bigger shrubs will block out too much light for the daffodil bulbs to come back annually.

In spaces like this, we made several wide shallow holes and inset a bunch of bulbs. Hopefully, in the spring, it won’t look like a few clumps of bulbs but a generous bed of blooms.


straggly, spindly, fat but not very strong … we found some amazing nature amongst the shrubs. The plant was pretty big too.  


Oscar gets a salad.

Councilor Holmes has given us another 125 daffodils which we will plant in the Spruce to Primrose area. A resident near there already gave us a bag of 25 yellow daffs, so we should get in five or six nice size clumps of spring cheer.