900 Albert, site clearance at Bayview Station

Trinity Developments is proposing a large development at 900 Albert, by Bayview Station.

While the actually project isn’t yet approved, and certainly requires much improvement before it can be approved, given that it is currently an ungainly awkward blob of a development ┬áthat seems determined to make the worst of its site …

…the city has given permission of the developer to start rereouting the sewer lines that criss cross the site. This project will take 18 months. The first step, cut down the trees.

I’m sorry to see them go. Weed trees grow so well, and as a society we are so willing to throw away the few trees that thrive in the crappy soil.

2 thoughts on “900 Albert, site clearance at Bayview Station

  1. If they got the green light to start work while the project has not yet been approved I think Trinity and the city have a sense it will be approved.

  2. I suspect that they also want to clear the area of any potential nesting sites. As what happened with the Vimy Memorial Bridge, finding a nest can delay construction work.

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