200 Lett St condo by Claridge

Claridge built the first yellow brick condo tower at 200 Lett Street in LeBreton Flats. While not my favorite building, it looks a lot better with (most) landscaping now installed.
Construction has begun on tower 2, immediately to the south of the first building. It will be joined to the first building on the 4th through 6th floors, and will have another tower (not all glass) at the east end of the final U-shaped structure.
The picture shows the bottom floor of the two floor garage. Blue drainage pipes for all the down runs have been installed, the floor gravel (crushed on site) has been laid. Next step will be scaffolding to support the garage floor on top of the poured pillars.

One thought on “200 Lett St condo by Claridge

  1. Personally, I think the first building is a monstrosity and I hope the rest are a lot nicer. I am not holding my breath…

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