Zorro Watson, Train Heister


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Out for a walkies last evening along the popular OTrain pathway, perambulators might come across this sight:



Yup, the sly fox, some prize in his mouth, running by the Bayview Transit Station. Mr Fox ran through a culvert and popped under this fence. No doubt you recognize the scene:



This will provide support to those who claim the current OTrain pathway and any future Albert-Scott pathway going past the 2017 Bayview LRT Station and through the to-be-devegetated field shown below will be exposed to excessive risk and danger and should Stay Away, lest you get eaten up.




But my thoughts were elsewhere.



The invisible new OTrain sets.

Those six shiny new train sets were delivered (and presumably paid for) late last year. They were to start running in early spring 2014. But thus far the construction work along the OTrain tracks might best be described as lolligagging along.

The construction gates might be open, but the working crews are invisible.

Now the new trains won’t start running until September. Conveniently providing a nice photo op for his worship, Lord Zorro. And within easy remembering of the upcoming Municipal elections.

Zorro Watson might even get two good news photo ops to cement his image as the can-do transit mayor. First, he inaugurates the much-improved 8 minute frequency OTrain service with the new train sets. Second, he announces the old trains will be given a mid-life refit for an exciting new transit innovation that will be delivered upon his re-election.




3 thoughts on “Zorro Watson, Train Heister

  1. Hey Eric, great to see you on the internet again! I think we ran into the same fox one evening a couple of weeks ago along the ORP between Parkdale and Slidell; a crow NARC’d on him/her, circling and and cawing relentlessly until s/he gave up on whatever s/he was stalking and trotted off right past as along the path.

  2. Welcome back Eric! My morning routine had been thrown out of whack over the past few months since you’ve been offline and my 10-minute coffee/WestsideAction timeslot was substituted with excruciatingly-repetitive Malaysia Airlines coverage on CNN.com day after day! It was horrible.

  3. Yay! He’s back — and with a snarky transit-related takedown! The way the city treats the OTrain and it’s riders. You mentioned once that the city doesn’t feel ownership of the OTrain the way it does with the rest of OCTranspo. Maybe this cynical election promise (whatever it may be..) will work to change that?

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