With a little blight from our friends …

looking north on Preston, west side
looking north on Preston, east side
As Preston and West Wellington get their final batches of trees and shrubs installed, a few curious — oversights — become apparent. In this case, the south side of the Queensway facing the new Preston Square/Adobe building at 333 Preston Street. The area beyond the fence belongs to the Province, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to be exact.
Apparently, the MTO also has a say in what gets landscaped along the overpass too, as some of that is their land and some belongs to … who?
The Preston BIA has no idea what landscaping might be going in on these slopes. That most of the planting has already been installed elsewhere suggests to me that the City plans to plant NOTHING here. That is a shame, given its bloody obvious prime location along the street.
Surely something can be planted here to finish off the streetscaping? Maybe Yasir Naqvi can work some magic here.

2 thoughts on “With a little blight from our friends …

  1. This makes me think of the guerrilla gardening work done by the people who live near Fairmont park including at Young. Every 'dull' bit of public space on Fairmont ave between the Queensway and the park has been gardened by the community, with no permission sought or granted 🙂 It would be nice to see something like that on this side of the tracks.

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