Why didn’t they have that when I was little?

Justin Bieber and I are good buddies.


I see him several times a week when I walk past a Shopper’s Drug Mart store. He stands in the window, and smiles at me. He must like me.

He is a little … flat. A bit two-dimensional.

Anyhow, I was travelling recently, and there in the hotel parking lot, right at my (rented!) car door, was this discarded wrapper:

It is the card board backing of an electric toothbrush. One that sings a choice of Bieber tunes. For two minutes each, whilst the tyke brushes his or her teeth. Only $14.95 at Walgren’s.

What clever marketing. Kids hop to it when brushing is fun. And the brushing time is timed right into the motorized brush (avoids repetitive injury from moving the brush yourself).

You can hear parts of the tunes here:


Be sure to listen to both tunes.

¬†Great thing for kids. But you know, the web site also shows they have Justin¬†Bieber toothbrushes for adult-sized mouths too. What a great way to tickle your tonsils with Justin if you can’t have the real guy handy.

One thought on “Why didn’t they have that when I was little?

  1. That bit of randomness gave me the laugh I needed on this dreary day. That Bieber shows up in the weirdest of places…

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