Where’s Luigi??

It is good to see the Preston BIA trying to make the best of the holey-mess that is Preston Street this year. The exposed sewer pipes are big enough to run the little Fiat baby cars through, like in The Italian Job movie.
Hey, now that Fiat owns Chrysler, maybe we will see those baby cars again ! I have fond memories of my first sighting of these mini-Fiats (so small they make the Smart Car look like a Hummer) in Rome in the 70’s, the generally skinny male driver, the 400lb momma in the front seat, grandma all dressed in black in the back with eight kids and the baby in a white lace blanket. All in a car 36″ wide. Cargo space? Maybe for one stick loaf, and two olives, nothing else.

One thought on “Where’s Luigi??

  1. Of course it totally spoils your joke that the cars in both the original and remake movies were Minis — British in the original, and German in the remake.

    But other than that, clever post.

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