West Siders can get involved to get the city they want …

The first meeting of the Bayview-Carling CDP group will be this week…while intended primarily for those who were in the prior process to reacquaint themselves and review the previously identified issues and recommendations, I would think anyone else keen to get involved should contact randolph.wang@ottawa.ca .¬† The study area is from Bayview along the Otrain track to Carling, and includes the undeveloped/underdeveloped/industrial lands along the route.

The initial Public Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday, December 10th, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., at Room 4102E/4103E, City Hall. The rooms are located on the fourth floor at City Hall.

A public advisory group is also getting going for the Somerset reconstruction and streetscaping project. In 2010, the section of Somerset from Spadina over the Otrain to Preston will be dug up and rebuilt, with streetscaping. Then in 2011 the section of Somerset from Preston to Booth will be dug up and reconstructed with streetscaping. These projects will set the tone and style for the eventual restyling of Somerset through the rest of Chinatown. Contact Max.Ross@ottawa.ca. BTW, the Somerset projects will include some more (hopefully innovative) on-street cycling features.