WEST side Trillium MUP … again


The recent story on the first bit of west side of the Trillium line multi user pathway got a lot of interest and email traffic.

In case you didn’t see the updates on the story, Ashcroft promises to finish the pathway out to Hickory ped bridge by September.

And Otto’s autos have to be removed.

And apparently there is an approved site plan in the eventuality that only one bottle of SOHO Champagne is opened. It looks like this:

soho one tower landscape

The diagonal pathway running from the bridge in the lower left corner┬áto the street makes lots of sense as that is a pedestrian desire line. It does strike me as a bit strange that it doesn’t also lead to the front door of the building/courtyard for the benefit of residents. Instead, pedestrians are thwarted by a five foot high metal fence running from building to curb.

You can see the dotted outline of the current sales centre to be removed in the upper centre of the landscaped area.

If I had a unit in Tower 1, I’d be hoping the fizz stayed out of the new condo tower market for a long time, to enjoy the greenery and the less interrupted view.

I am delighted it is not turning into a parking lot for guests, residents, or construction crews. Take the train! Take yer bike!

Now, if only the last two panels of the fence by the park could be removed:


2 thoughts on “WEST side Trillium MUP … again

  1. Is there any recognition by the powers-that-be that completing a western MUP all the way from Carling to Bayview could allow them to do a go-around of the new Bayview transit station that will otherwise bisect the eastern MUP and undermine the whole concept of a continuous unimpeded MUP?

    1. Peter: the east side MUP will continue unimpeded through Bayview Station, as the Otrain platforms are being moved to the west side of the cut.

      Some recent reports have been a bit confused, it is the east – west MUP that the city has permitted to be interrupted by the station, in particular the albert MUP connection to the trillium MUP has been blocked. We are still waiting details on how to fix that.

      The west side trillium MUP may never continue to the ottawa river fully grade separated, as it would have to get under somerset viaduct, and past bayview station, and under the parkway … but it will certainly run from gladstone or somerset to carling with frequent bridges to permit networking and will prove to be useful amenity to locals and commuters..

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