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Regular readers  [thank you !] of WestSideAction know this is a blog with stories about planning, transportation, cyling, pedestrians, and events on the west side of the downtown. People living and working outside that area have been known to read it from time to time.

The Ottawa cultural affairs blog Apt613  asked me to do a story for them on the similarities of redevelopment of Lansdowne Park to the Sens moving to LeBreton Flats.  The result is a single article that is extracted from my Building LeBetter Flats series. It kicks off a series of stories about the future of Ottawa.

Why not check out Apt613 if you are not familiar with it?    http://apt613.ca/the-future-of-ottawa-series/

If this is your first time here, having been directed here by Apt 613, welcome newbies and planning wannabies. My building LeBetter Flats series started last December, you can find the first of nine parts here:

LeBetter Flats (part 1) Yellow, Brown … silver too

You could do worse than reading all ten [yes, there are 10 stories, nine of which got numbered and one of which somehow escaped numeration], and then continuing on right up to the most recent posts, by clicking the “next post” arrow button at the bottom of each story.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to West Side Action

  1. Eric,
    I have recently ‘discovered’ you…and love you. I’m sure that we will meet soon too, this is the way of coincidences that are not coincidences.
    I tried to read this one — but the links are not working for me. Not sure if it’s my problem or problem experienced by all your readers. Just in case, letting you know…

  2. Eric, I tried the apt613 link on a work computer and guess what – the dreaded City of Ottawa firewall does not approve! Your site is still golden though.

  3. I just came across your blog and I find it very interesting. I have read the first five parts of the LeBetter Flats and keep reading… I am just wondering how Booth street can be developed as a 4-lane high-speed road in Ottawa and run into a two-lane cycle friendly street on the islands. And both got approved by the NCC? (I didn’t quite get which project has to be approved by who (NCC or the cities).

    1. In meeetings with senior NCC planners they were oblivious to their own approved plans for the street, and unperturbed by the problems of the four lane section meeting their 2 lane section to the north or the city;s existing two lane booth to the south of albert. When pressed on this issue by myself, they resorted to saying the booth configuration was ‘temporary’, and they\d figure out some fixes sometime in the future, like developing their phase 2 project to include some courtyard mews that would allow cyclists to wander thru shared spaces for half a mile as a detour, or maybe they’d narrow the street someday in the future when it was no longer required for traffic, such as when the otrain trillium line crosses the river on the prince of wales bridge. You might note the problem is being built in 2015, the fixes were vague and proposed for some distant future. A very sloppy and unprofessional attitude i thought.

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