Waste not, want not

Andy Haydon park has a nice kids waterplay feature, a leftover from the Nepean days, the sort of admirable and interactive play structure Ottawa’s park planners love to avoid. I suspect that as bits wear out they won’t be replaced with like, but the play structure will diminish until it ceases to exist. It’s called maintenance.

Adjacent the structure is a public washroom building. It has outside showers, presumably to hose off the little tykes who get their pants loaded with wet sand from the play structure. The showers have been running full tilt, for quite some time /for months /all summer, with muddy soggy surface runoff puddles extending 30′ or more in several directions. Definitely not missable by maintenance.

Maybe the trees appreciated the watering.


One thought on “Waste not, want not

  1. Yup. That’s definitely a park that kids can “play with”, instead of just “play in”.

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