Wandering Around my Desktop with renewed Paranoia

Just because you think someone is after you doesn’t mean you are paranoid.

There are those who are computer literate.

I am not one.

Frustrated at slow loading times for the Citizen website, I started banging away semi-randomly at those icons in the bottom right corner of my desktop.

Opened the wi fi signal thingy.  I hoped maybe the bar chart that shows I am actually getting some download speed might pop up. It didn’t.

Instead, I saw this:

rcmp scan

Would the RCMP really send out a signal saying “hey, look at me”?

Was someone really referencing their anatomy with that other description?

(I crossed out the name of my neighbour as he is already embarrassed to live near me).

I peered through the lace curtains onto the street, but the vehicles are all the same old construction worker vehicles that are here every day. No van with dark windows.

Wait ! There’s that biplane flying slowly around my house, like it does every single day. Are they up there?

Feeling brave (ice cream on a stick does that to me…) I clicked on the RCMP Surveillance Van item.

Aghh ! it says “connect automatically” !

Unclick that.

Close window.

Reopen window.

It says connect automatically again. They are monitoring me !

Time for another ice cream. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow, so I can give my real weight when they take me in.


BTW, do you know what international day today is?

9 thoughts on “Wandering Around my Desktop with renewed Paranoia

  1. Ya I’ve been seeing the rcmp surveillance van too in my computer for the last two years I think. Might just be there to keep people on their toes. They might not even monitor anyone. Could just be to stress out people and make others like me hate the police with an even bigger passion. FTP.

  2. I would like to know more if possible about what is going on about the new laws that should never pass like the plating of bicycles, having to get bicycle insurance ect… who knows maybe we will eventually have to get bicycle licenses and pay for parking our bikes. Government asses try to get everyone on bikes saying it’s for the environment and traffic issues but the real goal is always to find or make another group of the population taxable. Money money money. Gotta hate that government and police for that bullshit. As you can read I used the word hate because it’s the only word that does it for most, despise and dislike ain’t good enough. And I usually get involved when I see someone being harrased so I ask is everything ok and do you need a witness cause the police are such liars and bullies that they need to be kept in check by us daly to remind them that it’s us they are supposed to protect and not the gangsters from government. Anyway I will end this statement . Have a good day.

    1. That they are supposed to protect us the citizens and not the gangster maffia men of government. And don’t get me started about the marijuana issue. Why not just legalize it without commercializing it, again more money.

    1. Glen, Such a nice euphemism “hot dog day”, its one I used myself when we went wandering through Mykinos to Paradise and then Super Paradise beaches. Lots of burnt hot dogs. Alas, I then spent more than a day recovering at my hotel from … sunburn.

  3. According to the all-knowing Internet, it is the day to sit nude and use a tape measure to check the length of your hot dog, while sipping Grand Marnier, of course; since it is National Grand Marnier Day, National Tape Measure Day, National Nude Day, and National Hot Dog Day.

    In fact, hot dogs are important all month as it is also National Hot Dog Month; as well as World Watercolour Month, National Anti-Boredom Month, National Baked Bean Month (with or without hot dogs), National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Grilling Month (for cooking those hot dogs – if they are not in your baked beans), National Horseradish Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Independent Retailer Month, National ‘July Belongs to Blueberries’ Month, National Picnic Month, and Unlucky Month for Weddings.

    So get out there this month and go to your local retailer to get supplies for a picnic. I suggest using your culinary skills to create grilled hot dogs (topped with horseradish, of course) with a side of baked beans and some blueberries on ice cream for dessert. Don’t forget to take your easel and watercolours on your picnic, just so that you don’t get bored. Oh, and leave the phone alone while you are riding to your favorite picnic spot.

    July 14, 2016, is the middle of National Farriers Week – so remember to get your horses checked before heading out to your picnic.

    [The above are mostly foreign-based celebrations since Canada doesn’t seem to have much going on for July 14, 2016.]

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