Vietnamese Museum & Offices

Test drilling has occured at the vacant lot, corner of Somerset St and Preston. It looks like we might soon see the construction of the Vietnamese centre. It will have a museum, office, and meeting space on the upper floors, and one or two storefronts at ground level. It is diagonally opposite the Plant Recreation centre and existing Vietnamese Monument. The garage entrance is off the Preston side. Question: will sewer and water connections be dug before or after the reconstruction and repaving of Preston?

One thought on “Vietnamese Museum & Offices

  1. For some reason, I saw the vehicle in the top and thought “Vietnam” and “museum”, and assumed that it was a tank. Took me a closer look to realize it was a drilling machine. D’oh!

    I’m not a fan of yellow, but they’ve nonetheless put a lot of thought and attention into the design. It fits the profile of the neighbourhood and will be a welcome change from the vacant lot!

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