Update on Somerset bike underpass

Recall that a bike underpass is being constructed where Somerset crosses the O-Train tracks. Once the tunnel sections were installed, bolted together, then the roof had to be waterproofed:

A red coating was painted onto the concrete using rollers. Then workers attached Blueskin to cover each joint between the precast tunnel sections. Quite a rough chopped out hole was made through the 12′ thick Somerset viaduct walls for the tunnel pieces to fit. That space was reinforced, rebars tidied up, and pumped full of cement, now making a handy tool shelf for the workers:

At the south end of the tunnel, a worker is starting to lay down a felt sheet of roofing membrane:

By the end of last week, the whole roof had been waterproofed. Yet to come is preventing water penetration through the sides:

Originally scheduled to be finished by September 8th, the project looks more like October 8th. to me.

2 thoughts on “Update on Somerset bike underpass

  1. These golden September days we’ve been having are some of the only times I envy the lot of a construction worker; I suspect I’d be dragging the job out too, if it was so nice to be outside!

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