Unconscious drivers

So a few days ago I aired some folk’s grievances about “illegal crossings” and “suicidal” pedestrians. Such behaviour is only irrational when viewed from a motorists perspective.

So turn about is fair play.

Just like pedestrians and cyclists, motorists seek to do the most efficient and easy thing. Sometimes without thinking.

So on Wednesday afternoon on Primrose near St Vincent Hospital I see that street sweeping is ongoing. Since the city kindly loans the street to the hospital staff for all-day free parking, the curbside is usually jammed with cars. That day, the area was signed to death.

So what exactly crossed the mind of this driver? Gee, I’m lucky, look at all the spaces I have to choose from? Did they not wonder why all the spaces were empty? Did they not notice the signs posted every 20 feet for the entire block?

One thought on “Unconscious drivers

  1. Eric, you didn’t read the fine print on the sign that was visible to the driver of that vehicle – “This applies to everyone else but you”.

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