Ugly Betty Building Better Brown is a real stretch

What did we ever do before extension poles were invented? On top of the City Centre building, the painter is on a step ladder with a very long extension handle and a paint roller. Still, he’s going to need a real ladder if he is to paint above the exhaust vent on his left, or around the cell phone stuff on his right.

3 thoughts on “Ugly Betty Building Better Brown is a real stretch

  1. Nonnonno Eric, the painter does not see the roof vents, so the little step ladder is just right for the job but fall way short for us with a room with a view!

  2. I think the coat of paint is making a small improvement. Another thing that would help is reflective UV coating on the windows, so that they look more consistent. All the different windows with different blinds and other stuff inside make it look messy.

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