Uglification Award

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looking south on Booth

looking north on Booth

Chado and his Cousin Eddy run body shops on Booth Street between Somerset and Gladstone. Let me clarify that these are automotive body shops, thus legitimate enterprises.

If you double click on photo one, you may notice a row of demised trees along the front of the building. Also evident are abandonned tires and what appears to be the remains of a Subway restuarant bench.
Photo 2 shows a tree stump, all that is remaining of a city boulevard tree. There is another one by the Insurance deductible sign. If you look at the next property along Booth Street you will see how large the trees were before they mysteriously died in front of Chado and his Cousin Eddy’s businesses. Double click to enlarge each photo and admire the streetscape.
I guess they can save the insurance deductible but not the landscaping along the boulevard. Amongst the garbage and wreckage of a lawn can you spot their tactful, tasteful signage? Does anyone wonder why the condos nearby at Balsam and Booth are selling like hotcakes with neighborhood amenities like this?
It make take a village to raise a child, but this village seems to have adopted the Slob Cousins. I wonder if their groundskeeping is indicative of their mechanical skills.

2 thoughts on “Uglification Award

  1. I agree. It’s not very impressive and kinda sad really. Personally I think this is one of the major things that’s holding Ottawa back compared to popular Canadian cities. – Marie

  2. That does look fishy. One tree looks like it died long ago, though. You should look around back. Low-budget garages sometimes dump oil back there. I’m not saying this one did, but some do, and it builds up over the years and kills everything.

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