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Kirchzarten, Germany: When filling out the hotel registration form in Kirchzarten, there was a little tear-off portion at the bottom. It was a transit pass for the hotel guest(s). For bus, rail, and streetcars. For a whole region running from Basel Switzerland in the south and encompassing the whole Freiburg area.

It was a simple piece of cardstock, no fancy codes or chips required:

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We used it to take the local train into Freiburg, saving gas and parking and hassles. Going the opposite way, we took it to Lake Tittisee, a recreation area a long ways east. Passengers on the trains were commuters, students, tourists, and holiday makers.

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I inquired of our hotellier how much this transit ticket might be costing him. He told me it was 35 cents per person per day in his hotel. The ticket replaced a previous scheme that gave guests discounts at certain spas and public baths (we are in the “bad” area of Germany, baths abound). He (and I) thought the transit pass was a better option, because it benefited locals more by reducing car traffic.

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Can you imagine Ottawa ever doing anything so welcoming to our visitors? Heavens, we might not even need to convert the west lawn of the Museum of Nature to a parking lot ! ¬†What would the Canada Day celebrations be like with fewer cars? Surely the ‘free’ transit [only] on July 1st might give us a clue …


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  1. On Canada Day, I noticed a significant decline in traffic and congestion. I told my councillor that the free transit was a great idea that should be repeated.

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