Turtle racing on Petrie Island

I don’t recall ever being to Petrie Island before. So it was a bit of an adventure. To get there, it’s a dirt road marked with warning signs of “turtle crossing”. Alas, the speed limit (merely a suggestion, if one goes by the speed of other vehicles ) is 50 kmh so one would never see the turtle let alone the kids that might be walking to the beach on this sidewalk-free bit of exurbia.

Part of the beach is named for the Orlean’s family that sailed around the world on Northern Magic, Herbert and Diane Stuemer (and their 3 kids).

At the far end of the beach (ie, upriver and inland part) there is a turtle walk. And many turtles did we see: snappers, blandings, and one other. The very edge of the riverbank is fenced off with a tight-weave mesh, whether to keep the turtles in or the humans out was not clear.

3 thoughts on “Turtle racing on Petrie Island

  1. Never been there either – must take a trip out one day. Sounds delightful.

  2. Been wanting to visit for years. And yet, when I see pix like these, I wonder if perhaps I really ought to just stay clear for the turtles’ safety. Why add to their troubles?

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