Transit Station Spas ??

It’s hard to get the City to consider washrooms for even a few of the new LRT stations. Probably because the planners are always close to a Tim Horton’s whilst driving their cars. Sometimes people suggest there could be a store at a station. But a SPA ?? Are we serious??



Here is a pic of OC Transpo crew giving the spa treatment to a ped bridge at Westboro Station. Note the exfoliating treatment given to the concrete skin. And the perfumed fog bath rejuvenating mist.


The masseurs were hard a work with the tools of their trade. The reflection in the window glazing reveals the extent of their investment in supporting equipment to ensure a full spa treatment service and client satisfaction.


Fortunately the spa floor tilts slightly out to the curb, so the exfoliant detritus could be swiftered out to the storm sewers.


It was an amazingly good spa treatment for my enjoyment.

I know I like clean stations and absolutely oozed kind thoughts for the city after this experience.



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