Think Thin

Downtown neighborhoods can have a tremendous variety of amenities, depending on the neighborhood history, road allowances, and other oddities that pre-date modern standards that too often result in in a blah uniformity of environment. I particularly like this narrow sidewalk, one block north of Beech, off Preston.
This sidewalk is less attractive, mostly because of the close proximinity of the rough stucco wall of the adjacent restaurant, and the presence of the lamppost (pardon… street furniture) plopped down in the centre of the walk along with a stop sign that is about 25′ from the corner. The kitchen staff of the restaurant often sit out on this tiny sidewalk for a smoke… sort of like a sidewalk patio for the lower paid rest of us.
In marked contrast, the new wider sidewalks of Preston offer lots of room for pedestrians and patios and other street activities. The completing touches, such as trees and shrubs, will be arriving shortly. By June, the streetscape should be remarkably green and pleasant. Then it is up to the merchants and residents to make the best use of the new spaces.