The Bronson diet literature

Bronson today
Example of an after diet road: two through lanes, centre turn lane, bike lanes, usable sidewalks. Could be improved by adding trees to the boulevard.
If you are keen on reading more on putting “four lane” roads onto a two lane diet, start reading here: (note that some references take you to same key documents, but there are references to new sources at each of these)

There is lots more literature out there. Google “the conversion of four lanes”, or “road diets” to get started, and follow the links and citations in the articles. There are many many references to cold climate, snow climate, and Canadian city examples cited. And there are many studies on streets with a similar profile and even much higher traffic volumes than the section of Bronson north of Somerset.

One thought on “The Bronson diet literature

  1. Eric – I think this is a very good idea. I would personally like to see it continued all the way up to the Bronson Bridge, but will not hold my breath. And, as you say, the traffic volumes are higher there and so would require a different solution.I have been going through the links, and notice how many places have been trying this – Charlotte!As someone who used Bronson for a bike commuter route last summer, I would even venture to say that IF they can link up the Percy bike route to the river path (there is a missing link between Albert and Laurier) then it is not really needed as a bike route. Particularly as it is so heavily used by busses.

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