The Bambini arrive on Preston

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The Preston BIA is sponsoring a gateway feature at Preston-Gladstone, designed to frame the view up Gladstone towards St Anthony Church. A series of large (7m high) concrete and metal stelae are being installed on the northeast and southeast corners, in a semi-circle. Various interpretations of the figures are possible: family, community, soccer team …

If you are familiar with the intersection, you may have noticed the paver pattern in sidewalk initiates the circle theme. Originally, the pavers were to extend over the street surface, but hey, that might “confuse” and slow down rush hour commuter traffic, so that was kiboshed by the city. There was also an issue about who would maintain the street pavers.

On Friday, crews brought in the first six concrete bodies. The base of the figures has a metal ledge that is bolted to the foundation. Judging by the hole and foundations, more pieces are to come next week. “Heads” will be added later. At the bottom of the post is an earlier rendition of what the project might look like when completed.

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Here is the 2010 concept sketch(designed has probably evolved and changed since then):



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