11 thoughts on “Street art

  1. Don’t scoff. That will be the best place in Little Italy to take cover when the suburbs finally invade during the Latte Wars.

    I had an artist friend in high school who used to weld pop cans to lighting standards – upright and uncrushed – with a compact blow torch. Similarly destructive, but at least the sight gag was a lot funnier.

  2. Hydro will remove and recycle these to subsidize their ‘generous’ $0.05 rebates.

  3. Perhaps it is a statement of the number of carelessly discarded tins in an area? Some blue box days, I collect two bags full of flattened cans and bottles in the streets and public bushes and put them in my recycling box. I’m always amazed at how fast the area fills up again!

  4. It’s off the topic, but each time I see “S-Man” (who posted the first comment to this post), it reminds me of Seinfeld episode about proctologist and his “ASSMAN” license plate. Brilliant!

  5. This is the work of that J W Curry failed poet guy. He lives in the building right next to the pole (with the pretentious typewriter in the window). I guess he got tired of putting up P.Cob and UNWANTED graffiti on mailboxes in the area and is branching out into the exciting world of cans and nails now.

  6. Reminds me of the anonymous poet, who seems to have since disappeared, who used to put photocopies of their cat-themed poems in newspaper boxes east of the canal.

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