Storm damage

There are so few large trees left in the City, and the City is determined not to (re)plant large-maturity trees, instead preferring small-size trees. Even in areas with no overhead wiring, or underground utilities, where there is plenty of room for a large tree, new tree stock is generally what I have heard some refer to as “toy trees” or furniture-size trees. As for fruit and nut trees … fergetaboutit.

Yesterday I saw this large limb knocked off the tree at the corner of Albert and Commissioner (Bronson) Streets:

4 thoughts on “Storm damage

  1. That kind of looks like a Manitoba Maple 🙁
    Also wouldn’t that tree have been doomed by the impending tunnel entrance?

  2. I had a drink and smoke nearly blown out of my hands!
    Sadly, the drink part is a lie…I was at work….
    Was actually quite shocked to see my fence still intact when I got home, especially since it fell over on its own accord a month ago. Nature is fickle…

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