Smokin’ hot bike racks

A reader kindly supplied this picture of the many innovative ways that bike racks can be used.

This one is on West Wellington, just west of Holland.

smoking bike rack

In this case the bike rack is still OK, abeit with a damaged ashtray box. I’ve noticed everywhere I walk in the city that bike posts are falling victim to plow damage.

I do wonder how this conflicting use of a post will work out in the spring when more cyclists try to use it. Or maybe the adjacent restaurant wood prefer to cater to smokers rather than cyclists.

4 thoughts on “Smokin’ hot bike racks

  1. That bar isnt much different than any other as far as sweeping up outside their establishment, I think that they expect the city to do it. It was probably a city sidewalk plow that damaged the ashcan in the first place.

  2. There is a reason it looks like more bike racks are being damaged by snowplows: there are more of them. Lots more of them. More have come with each completed street reconstruction, and 600 more converted parking meter posts have been installed this year. And if you don’t recall the former parking meter posts getting damaged as often, that is simply because they were attended to more often (by parkers and by meter collectors) so they were reported and repaired more promptly.

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