Signs of the Times: lost robot

At one time, “lost” posters featured cats, or the occasional dog. Sometimes a toy. *

But in today’s age, more complex things can become lost. Like the notice spotted on this garbage can on the western parkway:



Yes, you read that right. A lost robot. Here’s the fine print:



I’m guessing this Quadcopter didn’t have a live video feed or the operator would know where it ended up.


* Lost toy: I don’t think most people read very well. When my [then very young] daughter lost a toy alligator from the front yard, which had never been so precious until it became lost  “it’s from grandma, when she went to florida, and I love it so” …  to assuage tears we put up a few “Lost Alligator” signs on posts near the house. They clearly showed a plastic alligator, even the headline said plastic, and that it was 12″ long. Within hours, neighbours were asking if they should keep their cats indoors, if there were cages big enough to catch a 12 foot alligator, we should put out KFC as ‘gators love that, etc.

We found it the next day on the front porch. Crisis over.

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    1. The mainstream media get their story leads from community sources, many of which are blogs. Over the years, we at WSA have sparked dozens of MSM news stories, including “front page scoops” based on stories WSA published days before. Often they call me for interviews and backgrounds; sometimes I am interviewed on air or credited. For the ‘copter, they called and asked permission to use my photos, but it appears they actually paid for their own photog rather than my dilapidated pocket camera artistry (which, as always, is free). Are MSM media social media aggregators?

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