Signs of the times

A few posts ago, the lighting store on Richmond in the heart of Westboro was featured. It is moving to Spruce Street. The Signman is also moving from its location opposite Loblaw’s Real Cdn Superstore to Laurel Street.

There are few vacant storefronts on the western portion of the Somerset-West Wellie-Richmond Road strip, and more storefronts being constructed. The further east one goes, the more vacancies appear, for longer periods. As Westboro prices continue to climb, there will be adjustments in the retail market and eventually the condo market too.

One thought on “Signs of the times

  1. There's been a similar movement west from the Elgin street area to the Bay and Somerset area. The two I noticed were the Cooperators insurance and a massage clinic. Some kind of florist from the Parkdale area showed up more recently.

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