Sidewalk toilets

Sidewalk toilets interest me in inverse proportion to the City’s denial that anyone ever needs one.


Alas, I didn’t have time nor inclination to scope out these Boston ones, but they look expensive:


My faves remain the Portland Loo’s. Cheap. Simple. Without all the bloat bureaucrats could add to drive up costs:


No hydraulic doors. Doesn’t take up half a block of space. Clean design.


Here’s the inside scoop:


Suited for all genders.

I’d install the first one at Dundonald Park. It seems to unfair that the Beer Store supplies the liquid but do they supply the washroom? The consumers must do what they must at Timmy’s next door.

I covered the Portland Loo in more detail here:

Council forced the Mayor to include some WC’s at a few of the LRT stations. I haven’t seen any designs yet. I confess to being a bit sceptical they can do it right without my supervision.

Maybe we could stick up a few Portland Loo’s outside the other stations.

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  1. Den: of course you followed the link i supplied to a previous article, which did in fact discuss that in europe there is a public toilet franchise operation that seemed, from my user perspective, to work pretty well.

    the porta potty type franchises worked out pretty well, with lots of competitors willing to supply a place to go. I suspect the main drawback to these appearing in the city is … city bureaucrats.

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