Sidewalk dining

Caffe Italia used to offer a blank wall to Gladstone sidewalk users. The wall is much banged up and patched as motorists periodically fail to make the turn. These cracks and patches are now so frequent that they make an interesting old-world texture on the building.

Recently, they added a row of pictures to the wall. Neatly framed, they mimic windows, with a viewpoint ┬áthat changes as you walk along the sidewalk and see the bar and dining areas “inside”. Clever, simple, and very well done, they successfully enliven the sidewalk experience.

Just another reason Preston deserves it’s destination reputation.

3 thoughts on “Sidewalk dining

  1. There are also some pictures on the Beech Street side of the Prescott. Of course, they are not as striking and don’t serve the same purpose. I really like the effect of the ones on the Trattoria.

  2. Today, there are embellishments being added. Each window is getting a little red awning put above it. Looks very nice!

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