Sculpture you can use

These two stainless steel sculptures or art installations were very entertaining. They proved to be irresistable attractions to many passers by. These girls used them for impromtu gymnastic exercises. The little boy in the picture spent a lot of time running up the slope trying to get to the top. He never did, but had lots of fun trying.
These pieces were on the short part of the pier at Rowe’s Wharf in Boston. There is a gent sitting on the sea wall to the left. The arch through the buildings is on the immediate right.
I cannot imagine Ottawa having such a useful installation. First black mark: its interactive. Secondly, it’s fun. Third, there aren’t any instructions. Fourth, bureaucrats would panic at the notion someone might fall and hurt themself. Yes, for sure Ottawa could provide such an installation, but only if it were fenced off or guarded. Now, if we ever that scrap metal tree proposed for Nepean Point behind the National Gallery, perhaps a local wall climbing club could ascend it …