Road improvement only temporary

The City repaved Somerset west of Preston this morning.

Don’t get too excited though. It’s just short term improvement change followed by more disruption. The section of Somerset further west, near Bayswater, is not ready for paving yet.

The newly paved section will be striped next week as a two-way cul-de-sac street, ending at Musca’s. There will be no vehicular traffic, east or west, over the O-Train bridge, starting in August. The road will be completely dug out to insert a new underpass, for the north-south cycling route that parallels the east side of the O-train corridor.

The contractor will keep the bridge open for pedestrians (and intrepid cyclists) on its south side.

The underpass will be completed sometime in late August or mid-September. Once everything is repaved, the road will be restriped as a two way street again.