Release your inner planner

Ever think you could plan it better than the City or its Con$ultants? Or need to prepare authoritative-looking materials in opposition to the something?

Here are three sites you might find useful. allows you to make nifty street profiles comparable to those of Profe$$ional Con$ultants. Be sure to be aware of Ottawa’s preferred street lane widths, since the model will allow you put buses on too-narrow lanes, etc.

And at this site,, you may find lots of west side map annotations.

If 3D is more to your style, try , load it, then go for a pit stop while it loads the data to give you a stylized 3D rendering of the west side.

Soon, community members will be able to produce planning porn to compete with the highest paid consultants.

But will we get a better neighbourhood, or just get bogged down in process?


Thanks to readers for sharing these links.