reader help wanted

I know someone heading to Florida for a vacation, and wanting to know what things to see that would appeal to an urbanist, or an urban fantacist. You know the stuff, nifty new or old neighborhoods, innovative architecture. Area being visited is Orlando to Miami, both coasts.

I suggested rocket park at Cape Canaveral.  Miami Beach art deco, its famous parking garage, and Lincoln Mall. In Orlando, Disney’s Celebration Village. In Fort Myers, the offshore beach and urban passeo.

If you have suggestions, let me know in the comment section or email me You can be brief, no need to “sell” me on the details.

3 thoughts on “reader help wanted

  1. The New World Center designed by Frank Gehry and adjacent Miami Beach Soundscape by West 8 is supposed to be interesting (I think they are in South Beach). I have never been personally but have read about them. You can watch live, free ‘wallcasts’ of events in the park. You/they would have do some research on their schedule.

  2. The guy who does the “Scouting New York” blog – a great site at any time – posted a series on his visit to Florida back in the spring. Lots of interesting stuff by a guy who makes his living looking for the unusual. Plus, you can donate to his movie project, if you’ve had a good time.

  3. It doesn’t sound like your friend is headed this far north, but St. Augustine is a nice, well-preserved little Spanish colonial town (the oldest settlement in North America, I think). Definitely worth a visit, although it’s up near Jacksonville.

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