Raising the dead

Recall that Christ Church Cathedral is going to demolish some surrounding buildings to construct a new condo tower that will provide the operating revenue required to keep the Cathedral in good repair. And that they are proposing an office tower too, which will generate  additional income and a weekend parking garage.

But, in order to get the occupants into the new offices and condos, it seems some current occupants must be displaced:

Alas, the delightful images suggested of disinterring skeletons and relics is abused by the line in bold noting that the graves are empty.

Still, a substitute fantasy must include ghoulish images of cubicle dwellers pushing paper for an eternity, or condo apts that are shaped like mortuary drawers.

You gotta admit it is an unusual sign.


2 thoughts on “Raising the dead

  1. Their new building will rest on the best of spirits !! I raise mine in toast to the signwriter !!

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