Presto: Preston Postcards

On Monday evening the City of Ottawa and Preston BIA unveiled the sculptures on Preston Street. These fuzzy shots were taken from the second floor, across the street, where I remained close to the bar whilst everyone else risked their lives crossing the rush-hour traffic.

The proud parent to the right of the sculpture is c j fleury, the artist. There were a number of artist-types at the event, as evidenced by the proliferation of colourful scarves, bright coloured shoes, and other signature features of the species.

c j puts on her lecturing gloves to tell the tale behind the sculpture. The stories are interesting and make the sculptures come alive. The series of 15 sculptures is entitled Postcards from the Piazza. c j will be giving guided tours this weekend (sign up at the website), in a few days a self-guided tour brochure will be available at local merchants (free), and it is rumoured an audio tour may be available some day so you can take the artist with you anytime.

Councilor Holmes and c j fleury, the artist, at the opening reception.