Potted Tree Planting

Tom Brown arena got new front entry paving and landscaping courtesy of the water main installation along Bayview Road. The old front entry had a large concrete planter with low walls. Trees in it rooted right into the underlying soil. A sign on it indicated Tom Brown’s ghost or a concerned neighbor maintained the planting bed.

The new entry treatment has lots and lots of trees. I love this aggressive tree planting. One tree philosophy, I’m told, is to plant too many trees in the expectation that some will die. Rather than come back and replace them (which is expensive), they just let the strongest survive.

The yellow barriers are to control the huge crowds of people at the arena scoring H1N1 shots.

I also very much like the generous supply of bike racks (3!)

I do wonder at the survivability of trees planted in those raised concrete pots. Will they survive the August droughts and terrors of global warming?