Postage Stamp Crisis (the first lick)


There’s been a lot of media coverage lately about community mail boxes and how much space they will take up. Imagine, added up, all those box footprints are equivalent to a city park !

Before the local letter carriers started driving those post-branded mini-vans to their routes, they used “relay boxes”, one of which is shown above, possibly still in use, in an affluent west end neighbourhood. There used to be one across the (less affluent) street from my house. And another one at the intersection just up the block. And the intersection beyond that. In fact, there was one at every block. With Google streetview time machine you can have fun finding the old relay boxes.

Now they are gone.

Collectively, this frees up a lot of space. Presumably,  for more grass to grow.

Has council written a letter to the Prime Minister or Canada Post thanking them for the creation of green space equivalent of a city park?


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